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TruWorth Auto takes a truly distinctive approach to the used cars for sale in Carmel: We’re more like consumer advocates than typical salespeople. In fact, we don’t even work on commission, so we can focus squarely on getting you into a great-quality pre-owned vehicle that you’ll be proud to own. And our no-hassle business model also includes our unique One Price, Best Price program for easy affordability. Smart financing solutions? We can offer those, too, with lenders that are eager to help you find just the right used Toyota to help meet both your budget and lifestyle.

Transparency, value, and respect all come together when you shop at TruWorth Auto.


Cars can definitely be expensive, but you don’t have to break the bank to own a top-notch Toyota SUV, truck, car, or minivan. All it takes is skipping the brand-new models and concentrating on the used cars for sale in Carmel. Because of depreciation, these pre-owned cars are generally priced thousands of dollars below their brand-new counterparts. After just one year on the road, for example, the typical new car can lose 20% of its value or more to depreciation. And a lower value means a lower price even when used Toyotas are in terrific condition.

Of course, those are exactly the models we strive to stock at TruWorth Auto -- where we thoroughly inspect each vehicle in our inventory to make sure it’s up to your high standards. We even provide free Carfax reports so you can learn about a used car’s history and condition for yourself.

We’ve also developed some special programs that are specifically designed to improve your shopping experience. As one highlight, we support maximum affordability with a carefully curated collection of used cars that start at just $250 down. For maximum efficiency, we offer a streamlined purchase process that can have you in and out of our dealership -- and on the road in your next ride -- in only 30 minutes. Or, if you’d rather have us deliver your vehicle, we can provide either free local shipping or attractively priced nationwide delivery solutions.

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Toyota didn’t get to be one of the world’s top automakers by accident. Instead, the company has established itself as an industry leader by helping to prevent accidents -- with advanced driver-assistance technology. Toyota also attracts customers with its wide array of connectivity resources, high-efficiency hybrid technology, and a rewarding selection of upscale luxury cues. So it’s no wonder that pre-owned Toyotas are among the most popular used cars for sale in Carmel. (Just keep in mind that exact equipment can vary by model and model year.)

  • Staying in touch with your world while you’re on the go is more important than ever nowadays, and Toyota makes it easier than ever with Amazon Alexa compatibility, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, WiFi compatibility, and wireless charging.
  • Toyota Safety Sense technology such as adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, and automatic high beams can help keep you out of harm’s way with help from additional driver-assistance tech like blind-spot monitors, rear cross-traffic alert, and digital rearview mirrors.
  • Large touchscreens, digital driver instrument panels, and head-up displays are also available to keep more vehicle information in view.
  • Families will appreciate Toyota’s rear-seat media systems that can keep the kids happy with drop-down displays for movies, gaming, and more.
  • Factory-installed performance enhancers from Toyota Racing Development (TRD) are featured on many of the brand’s bold pre-owned models.
  • Enjoy all that plus the commanding comfort of high-grade leather heated/ventilated seats, heated leather steering wheels, genuine wood trim, concert-level JBL audio, signature LED lighting, hands-free access, panoramic sunroofs, and other first-class amenities.
  • A long-time leader in the hybrid space, Toyota continues to help drivers save fuel with some of the most efficient used cars for sale in Carmel.


With so many different used Toyotas for sale in Carmel, finding just the right one can be a challenge -- if you don’t come to TruWorth Auto. If you do, our honest sales staff can explain the brand’s many models and trim levels so that you can make an informed and pressure-free purchase decision. We can also help track down even hard-to-find Toyotas if the exact edition you’re looking for isn’t in stock when you visit.

  • Toyota’s impressive lineup of SUVs can combine efficiency, capability, and style into a number of different packages for drivers from all walks of life. We especially like the Toyota Venza, RAV4, and Highlander -- all offering hybrid power -- plus the dramatically designed C-HR.
  • Drivers who demand true body-on-frame strength from their SUVs can choose from either the Toyota 4Runner or the Toyota Sequoia that add superior towing and off-road potential to the brand’s many other advantages.
  • The Toyota Tacoma is a long-time favorite among the used trucks for sale in Carmel, thanks to a sporty spirit that’s eager for action on the pavement or off.
  • The Toyota Tundra shows off full-size strength and capability that you can complement with a long list of creature comforts.
  • A remarkably affordable rear-wheel-drive sports car, the Toyota 86 is tuned for enthusiasts with sharp handling and athletic good looks both inside and out.
  • The Toyota GR Supra, built in partnership with BMW, puts pure driving pleasure at your command. Try the twin-turbo version, and you’ll fly from 0 to 60 mph in fewer than 4 seconds!
  • Going green gets a boost when you pick a member of the Toyota Prius family: Choose from the original Prius hatchback, the plug-in Prius Prime, the city-friend Prius c, and the cargo-friendly Prius v.
  • The Toyota Sienna has a certain swagger that’s missing from most other minivans, and it features hybrid and all-wheel-drive powertrains to help expand your family’s horizons.
  • The Toyota Yaris, Corolla, Camry, and luxurious Avalon lead the way for the brand’s car roster that’s still selling strong even with all the demand for trucks and SUVs.


Family looms large in the Toyota story, and so do looms themselves: Sakichi Toyoda actually got his start by building a successful gas engine to power automated looms for Japan’s textile industry. Next came Sakichi’s son, Kiichiro Toyoda, who realized the company could also use its engine expertise to get a head start in Japan’s auto industry. Indeed, Kiichiro spearheaded those efforts, which led to the 1933 Toyoda AA Sedan and a separate company dedicated to meeting the needs of Japan’s drivers. The new company’s name was modified to “Toyota” at the same time because it has a more positive meaning in Japanese than “Toyoda.”

Toyota entered the U.S. Market in 1958 with its Toyopet Crown sedan, but the real driver for the company’s success was the 1970s oil crisis. When that struck, a lot of drivers were left looking for smaller, more efficient cars -- just the kind Toyota was building. The shift in customer demand saw Toyota top 1 million U.S. Sales in 1970 and then become the best-selling import automaker in the country in 1975. By 1986, Toyota was opening its first U.S. Assembly plant. The company today is now a key part of the American auto scene, both across the country and here in Carmel.

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